Why solid hardwood floors make the most sense

Loving the flooring in your home can be a long-term commitment when you install solid hardwood floors. Everyone knows that the lifespan of this material is incredibly long, reaching ages of 100 years or more with proper care and maintenance. And it’s a relationship you’ll enjoy to the full extent. With appearance options that bring amazing style and elegance to any space, you’ll love the way these floors never go out of style. Trends come and go, and this material goes right along with them all. You’ll definitely want to check them out if you haven’t done so already.

Superior Wood Floors & Tile offers an excellent selection of materials and services that are sure to make your flooring project a success. What’s more, we offer options other companies don’t so that no facet of your requirements goes unattended. In fact, our associates are standing by in our Tulsa, OK showroom to assist you with all those needs. We proudly serve the communities of Tulsa, Jenks, Broken Arrow, Owasso, and Bixby, and handling your project would be a great honor to us as well. Be sure to stop by at your convenience to see how we can do that.

Solid hardwood floors and their benefits

Wood floors is a term that can apply to many materials, from solid hardwood floors to bamboo, and lots of materials in between. However, the solid option is what we’re focused on today. As a complete piece of wood, top to bottom, it offers benefits other materials do not, including a lifespan that is hard to rival. It’s durable, solid, and functions in a variety of spaces to meet the highest amount of homeowner requirements. When properly installed, solid hardwood floors not only look amazing, they feel just as good. That stable underfoot rigidity lets you know you’re covered. It stands up to active households, pets, visitors, and so much more. Better still, with the right finish option, such as distressed, vintage, or wire brushed, it can even work to hide many of the signs of aging that necessitate a refinishing project. When that wear does manage to show through, refinishing can strip it away quickly, leaving you with a brand new layer of flooring all over again. With solid hardwood flooring, you can actually have this process carried out several times, which helps it to reach those amazing lifespan lengths.

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