Nylon carpet vs. polyester: Which is better?

Are you hoping to install new carpeting in your home or place of business? Choosing the right carpet material for you can be tough, especially if your options consist of nylon carpet vs. polyester. If you need some guidance choosing, take a look at this comparative look at nylon carpeting vs. polyester carpeting and what makes each of them unique.

A comparative look at nylon carpet vs. polyester carpet

  • Nylon carpet — Nylon is significantly more durable than polyester carpeting. The nylon material allows for this type of carpet to last longer than its counterpart and to show fewer signs of wear over the years. Nylon is admittedly less resistant to staining, which may be off-putting for some. Options are available for those who would prefer a softer nylon carpet. Nylon is one of the most expensive types of carpet to make, so it’ll cost you more than most other types.

  • Polyester carpet — Polyester is less durable than nylon carpeting because it stays compressed for longer after being walked on, and it shows more signs of wear as the years pass. However, polyester is better in terms of stain resistance. The material allows for liquids to bead on the surface and prevents them from sinking deep into the carpet and becoming a stain. If you’re in the market for eco-friendly flooring, polyester carpet could be the way to go! Did you know Mohawk is one of the largest bottle recyclers in the United States? They use over 5 billion plastic bottles each year to make their EverStrand products. Polyester is more affordable than nylon carpeting, making it more desirable to some for that reason. 

Ultimately, the best type of carpet material for you boils down to your lifestyle and your budget. Both nylon and polyester offer different benefits and drawbacks, but whichever is better is up to you to decide based on your personal preferences.

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