Area rugs vs. wall-to-wall carpet: How to choose

So, it’s time to put some floor coverings in your home. You’re trying to decide whether you should throw down some area rugs or install wall-to-wall carpet. How do you know which one to choose? 

In an effort to help you make a more informed decision, we’ve put together this list to compare the advantages and disadvantages of area rugs vs. wall-to-wall carpet. Take a look below.

What should I know about area rugs vs. wall-to-wall carpet?

  • Area rugs — Area rugs are a great option for a few different reasons. For example, area rugs decrease the chances of mold growth and are significantly easier to clean when needed. They can be a way to add a unique look to a space, but there are a few disadvantages, too. These rugs may leave parts of a floor exposed, making it unpleasant for some to walk on cold flooring. They also can present a fall risk for older adults, who could trip on the edges.

  • Wall-to-wall carpet — Wall-to-wall carpet also has several advantages and disadvantages. A perk of installing wall-to-wall carpeting vs. area rugs is that it provides a more consistent look in a space than an area rug. It also provides less of a fall risk for older adults who could trip over upturned edges on rugs. Another benefit is that it can provide a source of warmth underfoot. Disadvantages of wall-to-wall carpeting include costliness and difficulty cleaning.

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