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About cork flooring

Cork flooring has a warm, natural appearance that provides a comfortable and inviting surface for your home. It is a sustainable material that is produced by harvesting the bark of a tree. By only harvesting the bark of a tree, the majority of the tree remains intact; allowing the tree regenerate new bark and continue thriving in its environment. This makes cork flooring a great option for those who are looking to remodel their home, but want to maintain a low environmental impact during the process.

The cork flooring has a similar construction to laminate in that it is made up of a top wear layer that is glued to a stable core material. Cork is unique in that it typically contains an unusual grain pattern consisting of whirls and speckles that adds an intriguing touch to one's home.

While there are many benefits to choosing cork flooring, it is important to note that it should be resealed every few years in order to rejuvenate the top wear layer; helping to prevent against stains and guard against moisture.


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