What’s the best type of carpet for a kid’s room?

Choosing the right carpet for a kid's room can be a daunting task. With so many carpet flooring options available, it can be difficult to decide which carpet is best for your kid’s space. Durability and stain resistance can be important factors depending on the age of your child. Texture and comfort may also be priorities, so your child can have a comfortable space to play. 

Best carpets for kids

Different carpets have their own strengths. Each of these carpets can be a great choice for a kid’s room, but each has factors that make it better for specific uses. Find the material that best aligns with your child’s and your priorities in this selection of high-quality options:

  • Nylon blend — Nylon blend is a durable carpet material with a fine texture. It is one of the most popular carpet materials on the market. Since it is not very thick, nylon is easy to clean. This makes it a solid choice for a kid’s room. 

  • Wool blend — Wool blend carpet is a great choice for maximizing comfort. Wool blends can have a nice, soft feel underfoot, making it easy to traverse for a barefoot child. A variety of colors and patterns are available, so you can choose a carpet that matches your child’s personality and style. Wool is also naturally resistant to soiling, which can help with accidents.

  • Triexta —Triexta is a newer carpet material that is becoming increasingly popular in kids' rooms. This high-performing material is tightly woven and easy to clean. Triexta fiber is hydrophobic — it tends not to absorb water — making it resistant to stains as well.

Find the best carpet for your kid’s room at Superior Wood Floors & Tile

Whichever material fits your child’s needs best, Superior Wood Floors & Tile can help you find it and install it in your home. In addition to the three materials discussed in this article, we offer many more online and in our showroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Let us help outfit your kid’s room with the best carpet available.

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