The pros and cons of vinyl flooring

If you’re in the Tulsa, Oklahoma, area and thinking of getting vinyl flooring, you should definitely be informed first. There are several advantages and disadvantages worth looking into before making a decision and installing vinyl flooring in your home. To learn more about these advantages and disadvantages, keep reading below. 

What are the advantages and disadvantages of vinyl flooring?

  • Pros — There are many pros that come with vinyl flooring, making it a durable type of flooring worth installing into your home. The first is that it’s water resistant, making it a great option for those with kids or pets. It’s also easier to install, so if you feel comfortable installing it on your own, you can. Vinyl is one of Tulsa’s best low-maintenance flooring options, which means there isn’t much work you need to do to keep it looking good. Last but not least, vinyl flooring is one of those types of flooring that can be affordable in price for a variety of budgets.

  • Cons — There are also a few cons worth noting before deciding to go all in on this investment. To start, if the vinyl is glued to the floor, it can be difficult to remove in the future. Also, in some cases, vinyl flooring may become dented or perforated in the event that a heavy object falls on it. One more disadvantage to consider is that it may lose some of its original vibrance if exposed to too much UV light. 

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