Are You Considering Marble? Here Are Some Facts!

Many iconic landmarks were made of natural stone. Marble is made through a metamorphic process of putting limestone through intense heat and pressure. Marble is then cut into slabs to be fit for countertops, flooring, and other uses. Listed below are some interesting facts about marble.

  1. How Marble is Created
    Marble is derived from limestone through a metamorphic process. Marble and limestone are both natural stones and two most used stones in the world. Both stones have been used to make countertops, fireplaces, flooring, door surrounds, fountains, columns, sinks, kitchen hoods, stairs, and many more. Despite seeing marble in so many aspects of life, many people are unaware that marble is made within the earth by putting immense pressure. This is very common process for natural stones.
  2. Unique Uses
    We are all aware of the traditional uses associated with marble, but there are a few more unique uses. One example of this is how many cultures around the world grind marble to a fine powder to use as glue or toothpaste. Because of its many uses, marble has become the easiest natural stone to use.
  3. Easy to Care for
    Marble is very easy to maintain. Using simple cleaning solutions after a spill can easily clean the countertop space. Periodically waxing the marble can keep the unwanted moisture out which could end up damaging the material.
  4. Naturally Cool Stone
    Marble is a naturally cooling stone. It can make your interior design esthetic more calm, chilly, and clean feeling. The stone can absorb the warmth of light which in turn makes it easier to control your rooms temperature more accurately.
  5. Versatile Stone
    When it comes to picking a countertop, most people consider a beautiful, natural stone, but they rarely take in to consideration the versatility of the stone. The fact of the matter is that marble can give you certain utility that limestone, granite, and quartz cannot. Because the metamorphic process marble has gone through, it is very durable when it comes to heat and hot objects. Marble is able to withstand heat from pots and pans that you have been using to cook with. This will save you time of trying to find a cloth to lay out to sit pots on which in turn will prevent burning you and burning your well prepped meal. This is why marble is by far one of the most popular countertops. Marble countertops are gorgeous, easy to maintain, and very versatile and durable. This is exactly what home owners look for when considering building or remodeling.

Marble has often been compared to a fine aged wine; marble and other stones age with grace and never loses its value or beauty. Unnatural stone materials like porcelain and quartz can try to replicate the organic patterns and colors of marble, but natural marble is always and will always be completely unique and each slab is like a snowflake– different in its very own way. The way that marble is created within the earth will always give it a natural, distinct beauty that will always attract people for many decades to come.

However, here is the truth regarding marble: marble is a naturally soft stone when it is compared to granite or quartzite. This makes it is more susceptible to staining, scratching and acid etching (caused by limes, lemons, vinegars, etc.) through daily use. This seems very scary, but don’t let those words make you stay away from choosing the kitchen countertops that you have always dreamed of! If this is a concern, there are simple ways to avoid these damaging elements and situations!

  1. Consider honing your marble
    Since a honed surface is already matte, etching will be camouflaged! Honed surfaces are actually becoming more and more popular, as they make for a smooth and modern look. They can also be much more kitchen-friendly when it comes to using knives!
  2. Have your countertops sealed periodically
    There are many different types of sealants available on the market, and a professional can very easily help with adding this top coat of protectant to your marble, whether floors or countertops. Consider it scheduled maintenance to keep your kitchen looking like it is perfectly new!
  3. Use trivets, placemats, cutting boards and coaster
    This is an easy one and should be used on most kitchen materials. The items prevent water rings, coffee stains, wine spills, sauce spills and pan burn by covering up the most used areas of your countertops while you are hard at work. And if you do make a spill and miss the placemat, it will be okay! Just wipe up the mess as quickly as possible with a clean rag or use soapy water.

These are very simple ways to ensure that your countertops stay looking clean and like new. Natural stone can be restored repeatedly without issues and maintaining the stone does not have to be stressful or a difficult task. Think about it this way, if people have used marble for flooring and tiles for decades, then you can most certainly use it for your countertops! It is not always required to protect the look and style of your marble countertops with your life because many homeowners and marble lovers adore the look of a seasoned stone, as it adds to the element of uniqueness and character. Picturing lightly scratched or etched marble surfaces may leave a bad image in your head at first, but countertops that show small wear and tear have an appeal all their own. Marble is something we like to call a “living surface”, and much like a perfectly broken-in pair of shoes or as finely as an old piece of furniture, this is one look that can only be created through years of use.