What’s the best type of flooring for a game room?

Your game room is a space for rest, relaxation and fun. An ideal game room flooring material will reflect the feel and function of the room. There are plenty of options to choose from, but you may wonder which is best. Maybe you want something that fits today’s top design trends. Maybe you just want something to make your game room cozy.

Whatever you are looking for, it can help to get an understanding of what each flooring material has to offer. Each has its own set of strengths and may fit different needs. To get the best flooring for your game room, look for an option that checks all your boxes.

Game room flooring options

  • Hardwood — Hardwood flooring is a classic choice for recreational spaces. The warm colors it brings into a room can make a space look more inviting, and the smooth flooring makes it easy to rearrange furniture. You may want site-finished hardwood, or the durable alternative of engineered hardwood.
  • Carpet — Carpet is a popular flooring for game rooms, and it’s easy to see why. Carpet is soft and comfortable underfoot, making it easy to relax. It also adds insulation, bringing more warmth into a room.
  • Luxury vinyl — Luxury vinyl is durable and stylish. If you’re looking for an option that brings a lot of character to your game room, this may be the best choice. Luxury vinyl is also easy to clean and maintain, so it’s a practical choice for a game room, especially in a home with children.

When choosing the best material for your game room, consider how the room will be used. Foot traffic, types of activities, furniture and your personal aesthetic can all help determine which material is best for you. If you want a floor that can tolerate lots of foot traffic and intense physical activity, you may want to go with hardwood or luxury vinyl. Carpet may be better if you want a very comfortable, padded floor.

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