Tile Tulsa, What you Need to Know About Porcelain Tile

Porcelain Tile Tulsa Oklahoma – What you need to know Before Purchasing

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At Superior Wood Floors & Tile of Tulsa established in 1999, we take pride in offering the best and most knowledgable staff to help our customers and clients make the most educated decisions when it comes to their flooring and remodeling selections. With that being it said we know its important for our customers and clients, looking for new flooring in the Tulsa area, that they know a little bit about the products and services we have to offer.

It is a little known fact to many that porcelain tile, is actually a type of ceramic tile but is made from a finer, more dense clay that is heated to much higher temperatures. It is much tougher, more scratch resistant, more durable and more resistant to stains and spills than most other tiles such as ceramics, travertines and marbles.. Thanks to its durability and wearability, porcelain tile can be used almost anywhere. From countertops to wall coverings, though most often used now a days in bathrooms, whether that be on floors, on walls, or in tubs and showers. Not only does it come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures but it is also low maintenance and extremely durable. A lot of porcelain tiles now a days are created to mimic the look and feel of natural stones, such as travertine and marble, without the cost or maintenance.

Most porcelains are considered to be through-bodies, which means the surface color of the tile runs down through the body of the tile, unlike the ceramic tiles where their center is typically a terra-cotta color. Not only will this increase the life span of the tile but will also help increase the value of the area or property it is installed it. Porcelain tile also absorbs very little moisture which makes it ideal for high traffic areas and areas where water is commonly found such as bathrooms, kitchens and even pools. It also absorbs very little which makes cleaning a breeze

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