Replacing carpet with hardwood: Superior’s guide

There are plenty of reasons to make the switch from carpet to hardwood. Your carpet may have been stained and worn over time. It may not pair well visually with new furniture. Some decide to replace carpet with hardwood for a flooring alternative that is easier to maintain. Whatever the reason for doing so, the process of replacing carpet with hardwood can actually be fairly simple. Follow our guide and you can replace your old carpet with a floor that is long lasting and elegant.

Solid unfinished hardwood vs. engineered wood flooring 

Unfinished hardwood floors have almost endless options, but here are some of the key things to consider when replacing your carpet with hardwood! Unfinished hardwood is a solid tongue-and-groove hardwood that is installed and then sanded and finished in home. Engineered wood flooring is a true hardwood veneer on top of plywood core. There are great qualities in both options! You get a truly custom floor with unfinished hardwood, and with an engineered hardwood floor, you get a more durable option with a shorter install time! If you think engineered hardwood sounds like a better fit for you, stop by our showroom to look at hundreds of samples! 


An unfinished hardwood plank width typically ranges from 2 ¼ inches to 5 inches in site-finished hardwood; the wider the plank, the more the wood will contract and expand — meaning, the narrower the board, the narrower the gaps will be, and the wider the board, the wider the gaps will be if proper relative humidity is not maintained. Don’t think you have to pick just one width, either! Mixed width is a beautiful and unique look that can help open a room up and provide a more creative design. 


The species of wood you choose will play the biggest part in the end look of your hardwood floors. Not only do different species of wood have different unique grain patterns and other physical properties that separate them from one another, they also take stain differently. Red oak, white oak, hickory and maple are some of the most common species in hardwood flooring. 


Choosing a Superior installer will make all the difference — you name it, we can do it, from patterns, beveled edges, distressing and more! If you want to really make a statement or highlight a specific area in the house, installing the wood in a pattern will do just that. Let one of our experienced and skilled craftsmen install the pattern of your dreams. After the floors have been installed, we will swatch as many stain colors as it takes to find the perfect fit for you! Once the stain is chosen, we finish the floors with three coats of poly. 

Superior Wood Floors & Tile can help replace your carpet with hardwood

At Superior Wood Floors & Tile, we strive to make customer experiences rewarding and easy to navigate. Stop by our showroom to see a variety of different unfinished hardwood and engineered hardwood flooring. We are a full-service flooring company, meaning we provide high-quality materials and installation services to our customers. With our services, replacing carpet with hardwood can be a satisfying experience. 

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