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We work with home builders, homeowners, and remodelers across the Tulsa metropolitan area to deliver on our name: Superior Wood Floors and Tile. Let us floor you with over one hundred choices of hardwoods and tiles available to you.

A visit to our showroom pays off! See large areas of flooring choices for wood and tile. Our showroom floor resembles a checkerboard, from large planks to small-width strips in a variety of wood colors and styles, even a few patterns. A sample board simply cannot show you how a particular wood will work at your location, but our showroom can.

But we're more than selection: we offer complete installation as well. Our qualified installers ensure your remodeling or building project meets your demands while offering you options you may not have considered.


Our installation process ensures you won't get any surprises. Our process is simple: we measure, we discuss options, we provide a showroom for you to visit so you can choose a wood and/or tile, and then we install.

First, you'll want to visit our showroom on the southwest corner of 81st & Memorial, in the Echelon Shopping Center. Look at all the choices! Over three hundred in all! In the showroom, you'll be able to see how the various wood types fit with your remodeling or building needs. Or, get a taste online, now, in our Gallery section.

Visiting our showroom will floor you! Our showroom floor resembles a checkerboard, from large planks to small-width strips in a variety of wood and tile colors and styles, even a few patterns. Sample boards don't show you how a particular wood or tile will work in large areas, but our showroom can.

Next, we get measurements of the areas for an exact square footage. This helps both of us understand the estimate. And, we'll discuss options for each of the rooms you want floored. There is no single correct installation for all cases, and we'll make sure you know the options for your location.

Now comes the actual installation of your brand-new hardwood floors! Superior Wood Floors and Tile will take a moisture reading to check for moisture trapped in the slab. And, we'll provide a physical vapor layer between the slab and the wood floor to prevent moisture.

There are three major types of installation:

  • floating
  • glue-down
  • nail- or staple-down

Floating is laying wood flooring by buttressing strips together, or using a rolling system like Click-Xpress® from Balterio. Glue-down is what it sounds like: wood planks are glued down to the base.

Nail-down installation uses staples or nails to affix the wood flooring to a base material (often between it and the concrete sub-flooring). Nail-down provides the best protection from moisture and helps ensure a wood floor with a longer life.

Superior Wood Floors and Tile uses nail-down primarily, but let's be clear: there is no right way for every situation. Depending on the location, the wood, and the sub-flooring, Superior will install for the best results.

Superior Wood Floors and Tile wants your surprises to be a good one! Our installation makes things simple, but you still have to decide on the type of wood!

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